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Membership Monthly Bonus Drawing


Rhinos' Nation

Starting November 2, 2020!



 We will have a live drawing the1st Monday of each month (except holidays)


Annual Membership Bonus Plan


Bonuses: *Rhinos' Nation Universal Store Credit (C)

100 - 4,999 Members - $100.00 that Month -- End-of-Year Bonus = $1,000.00 C
5,000 - 9,999 Members - $200.00 that Month -- End-of-Year Bonus = $5,000.00 C
10,000 - 49,999 Members - $500.00 that Month -- End-of-Year Bonus = $10,000.00 C
50,000 - 99,999 Members - $750.00 that Month -- End-of-Year Bonus = $50,000.00 C
100,000 - 249,999 Members - $1,000.00 that Month -- End-of-Year Bonus = $100,000.00 C

250,000 - 499,999 Members - $1,500.00 that Month -- End-of-Year Bonuses = $250,000.00 C
500,000 - 999,999 Members - $2,000.00 that Month -- End-of-Year Bonuses = $500,000.00 C

1,000,000+ Members - $2,500.00 that Month C
1,000,000+ Members -- End-of-Year Bonuses = $1,000,000.00 C


$10,000.00 C - (Grand Prize Winner) (*When we reach 10,000 Full Annual Members)
$5,000.00 C - (2nd Place)
$3,000.00 C - (3rd Place)
$2,500.00 C - (4th Place)
$2,250.00 C - (5th Place)
$2,000.00 C - (6th Place)
$1,500.00 C - (7th Place)
$1,250.00 C - (8th Place)
$1,000.00 C - (9th Place)
$750.00 C - (10th Place)
$500.00 C - (11th Place)
$250.00 C - (12th Place)

* Each month another monthly winner’s name will be added to our End-of-Year Mega Bonus Drawing!



Rules & Restrictions:
To be Awarded the 1st Monday of the Month! (Except on holidays)
Credit to be spent ONLY with our BLACK Rhinos’ Nation Sponsors!
(NO Cash Value - Drawing Winners receives credit for products and services). Companies receive cash!

All Monthly Credit expires in 90 Days!
All End-of-Year Credit expires November 30th of the following year!
Other rules may apply!

Our FREE Gifts will not be awarded to or used for investment companies or banks, or any medication, alcohol, tobacco products, certain knives, fire arms, etc! Other gifts or prizes do not apply!


Each monthly membership bonus winner will have their name placed in our End-of-Year Membership Mega Bonus Drawing. 

Our End-of-Year Membership Mega Bonus Drawing is now up to $1,000.00 and will continue to grow as our membership grows each year.


If you have any questions about Rhinos' Nation or our Membership Bonus Drawings and/or want to join our TEAM at Rhinos’ Nation, please contact us


When our winners shop it's with our Black Business Owners... and Rhinos' Nation picks up the tab!

 Our members win store credit to shop with Rhinos’ Nation Black Business Owners nationwide!

(no cash value)

Our Membership Bonus Drawings are only for our Rhinos' Nation
Annual M
embers whose membership is current!



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