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 Rhinos' Nation


              inviting you to come join us....


WE are rebuilding our Black Communities

WE support our young Black students

WE support our Black business owners 

WE support our communities 




Rhinos' Nation has two branches, our Young Rhinos' Club and our Community Reinvestment Program (CRP). 

Our CEO has been working with BLACK business owners and major corporations for over 29 years leading up to this great enterprise.


For six years our CEO has been working on a program, the Young Rhinos’ Club. This program teaches our young Black students how to become Entrepreneurs before they graduate from high school and it's  FREE!   


I2013, we held our pilot business training  program  in Memphis, TN.

 In 2018 our Young Rhinos’ Club will host its first business training  program for the  Dallas, TX area and the Atlanta, GA area and we will host our first "all-encompassing" business training program in Memphis.