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About Us



We are Changing the World!

Our Mission  is to educate  Black people and change the way we interact with one another, to rebuild Black Communities making them better, stronger, safer and more beautiful. To change the way Black people conduct business with one another, to influence black people in supporting Black Owned Businesses and to change the way Black Owned Businesses support the Black Community. We are changing the way the world sees Black People!

We Are Going to Change this Country!


Rhinos’ Nation is helping to rebuild our BLACK Communities and uplift our BLACK Families.

 We support our Black youth, our Elders and our Businesses.

Predominately Black Neighborhoods/Communities need our help - in general Black people  we can we must do better!

"All in a positive manner!"


5 Main Points


1. Building A Team that Works Together from Within

  • Members will save $$$ shopping with our Sponsors (Quality Black-Owned Businesses) nationwide
  • 25% of our Membership Dollars are contributed to our Young Rhinos’ Club 
  • 25% of our Membership Dollars are contributed to our CRP
  • Membership Bonuses - Monthly & Annual Membership Drawings for FREE Shopping Sprees

Community Reinvestment Savings Plan

Paying BLACK People to shop with Quality BLACK Owned Businesses nationwide!

3. Money/Currency

BLACK Business Owners we now have our own Currency to help you start and build your business.


4. Young Rhinos’ Club

For seven years our CEO has been working on a program, the Young Rhinos’ Club. This program teaches our young Black students how to become Entrepreneurs before they graduate from high school.  It's  FREE  for students and their parents! That’s right, FREEWOW!


5. Community Reinvestment Program (CRP)

Rhinos’ Nation Members & Sponsors are supporting our Black Communities through our CRP. Our intention is to repeat the best history of ours in this country. We are implementing some new strategies that worked well for us in the past. CRP was created to enhance Black communities by making them stronger, safer and more beautiful! 



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