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A Warm Welcome To All Our of New Members

Each Rhinos' Nation member will receive a membership account.  For more information on our membership accounts or for upgrading your membership to a higher level contact us.

As a member of Rhinos’ Nation you are helping to rebuild Black communities to become a much better place for people to live and prosper. 50% of annual membership fees and sponsor dollars go into our communities. We will use twenty-five percent for our Community Reinvestment Program (CRP) and twenty-five percent for our Young Rhinos' Club.


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           Watch us Grow!



Our Youth are our community of tomorrow.Our Youth are our community of tomorrow.  

Our schools
  • quality schools & supplies
  • building repairs
  • computers & athletic equipment

                                                                                                          Beautifying our communities

  • cleaning & restoring parks and open fields
  • better and safer parks & landscaping    
  • restoring or tearing down abandoned structures







Assisting elders in our communities  

  • painting & repairing homes
  • repairing or replacing appliances, heating and AC
  • easier access to better grocery stores
  • lawn care

        Come join us as we grow and improve our communities.




Rhinos' Nation Membership "Needs & Wants" Survey Form:
We are asking every Rhinos' Nation Member to fill out and submit our Rhinos' Nation "Needs & Wants" Survey Google Form below
. By doing this you are helping us to best serve you when it comes to the products and services you need and what for you personally and for your business.

This will take the guesswork out of recruiting Quality BLACK Owned Businesses that supply your needs and wants so you can SAVE Money while shopping with them.


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Membership "Needs & Wants" Survey Google Form Below:

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Rhinos' Nation Annual Memberships:
As a Rhinos' Nation Annual Member you will be able to
SAVE money shopping with some of our Quality BLACK Owned Businesses on our TEAM. Plus your name will be entered into our FREE Drawings and Giveaways at no addition cost when offered.

Your Annual Membership Fee will also help fund our Youth Business Training Program (Young Rhinos' Club) for BLACK Youths and our Community Reinvestment Program.

Plus you we be able to receive our "Peace Of Mind Benefit" for FREE Burial and Funeral Services!* At no additional cost.


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   We reserve the right to refuse membership/sponsorship to any person or business.
Additionally, we will remove a membership or sponsorship from anyone or any business
we feel may be causing a hindrance to our communities or programs.