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A Warm Welcome To All Our of New Members


Each Rhinos' Nation member will receive a membership account.  For more information on our membership accounts or for upgrading your membership to a higher level contact us.

As a member of Rhinos’ Nation you are helping to rebuild Black communities to become a much better place for people to live and prosper. 50% of annual membership fees and sponsor dollars go into our communities. We will use twenty-five percent for our Community Reinvestment Program (CRP) and twenty-five percent for our Young Rhinos' Club.


  •  Rhinos' Nation membership form
  •  Purchase your membership
  •  Monthly Membership Bonus Winners







           Watch us Grow!



Our Youth are our community of tomorrow.Our Youth are our community of tomorrow.  

Our schools
  • quality schools & supplies
  • building repairs
  • computers & athletic equipment

                                                                                                          Beautifying our communities

  • cleaning & restoring parks and open fields
  • better and safer parks & landscaping    
  • restoring or tearing down abandoned structures







Assisting elders in our communities  

  • painting & repairing homes
  • repairing or replacing appliances, heating and AC
  • easier access to better grocery stores
  • lawn care

        Come join us as we grow and improve our communities.




Rhinos' Nation membership: Must be 18+ years  (children under 18 years that live with you are covered under your membership)



Annual Basic Membership


 Membership  Annual Fee  Purchase Here
 Basic (2016 Special)  $25  
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 Silver  $200  
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Gold  $300  
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 BLACK (Platinum)  $500  
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 Please enter Name, Phone Number, Email and Mailing Address for each membership you purchase 

Please tell us who referred you to Rhinos' Nation, if you were referred, Thank you




   We reserve the right to refuse membership/sponsorship to any business or persons that we feel are not an asset to our communities. Additionally, we will remove membership or sponsorship from anyone or any business causing a hindrance to our projects or communities.