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Reinvestment Program


  Rhinos' Nation Events


   Contributions from our Rhinos' Nation membership fees & sponsor dollars
will  fund our 
                                      Community Reinvestment Program (CRP)



An Emergency Fund Raiser for a Mother of Two:


This is for a mother of two who is desperately in need.


She and her two children who are homeless are in need of our help. As of right now they do not have shelter.

If you would be so kind if you can help with a of donation of $1.00, $5.00, $10.00 or more towards helping them it would go along way. She has nowhere else to turn, no family here in Memphis, TN, and her parents are deceased. This is a time to help someone who is in great need. She is also looking for employment opportunities.

Trust me when I tell you this is not a good place to be in, homelessness and jobless takes a person to new lows. Most importantly this family needs to move from the abandon house they are using for refuge to somewhere safe. Please share this message to get the word out.

If you can help please click on the donation button below and 100% (minus PayPal fees) of your donation will go to this mother!

Bonus: if you donate $10 or more to support of our sisters in need, Rhinos' Nation will give you a "FREE" Rhinos' Nation Annual Basic Membership, which you can use to SAVE, while shopping with QUALITY BLACK Owned businesses on our TEAM nationwide!

Thank You so much in advance!!

For those that donate, we will post your name and amount below: (Here all donated funds can be tracked)


Our Community Reinvestment program is designed to oversee all Rhinos' Nation community projects. We are helping to make predominantly Black communities StrongerSafer and more Beautiful. This is an historical endeavor created, cultivated and promoted by our very own people.


We continually poll people who live in predominantly black communities for information and answers. We use this information to help us create plans that are relevant to actually help the community based on the actual needs. There was a time when we had our own communities, businesses, schools and they were successful.

We understood the importance of community and we had real neighborhoods. We are well aware of  the magnitude of this task; our work is cut out for us. We've had over 500 years of suffering as a people, now we are working on healing and rebuilding. This is not an overnight project so, at Rhinos' Nation we are committed and we are asking for your participation; get involved with Rhinos' Nation. 


We are here to inform people of the great Black owned businesses and services that already exist in their respective communities. Our short term plan is to get an overall perspective on what is working, what is not working and what needs to be improved upon. 


Funding BLACK America

The funds for rebuilding our communities will come from our membership and sponsorship dollars, 25%  will go directly into our CRP budget to help us rebuild our communities. In rebuilding our communities we will use the experience, expertise and support of black professionals, ie contractors, sponsors, business owners and those in the community along with our CRP department to make this a successful venture.

Here on our website you will be able to track dollars that goes into our CRP to help rebuild our communities, nationwide. We will post our future plans, our on-going projects and the completed projects. We will also post information about the people and businesses who contribute and work on these projects. 








On this page all will be able to see how we as Black People are moving from spending less than 1% of our own money in our own communities to spending 20%, 30%, 50% or more with our own people!

Please visit us here on our website and follow the progress we are making in our Black communities!






BLACK Owned Businesses


JOBS, JOBS and more JOBS

Our plan will help grow and create more and better Black-owned businesses nationwide, this in turn will create thousand and thousands of addition jobs in our communities. We will help create more and better jobs in our very own communities. Rhinos' Nation advocates - "stop looking for others to help create jobs for us in our communities".

Rhinos' Nation has a much better plan!



Building better Black communities so people can love where they live and love what they do, this will help bring down the crime rate. Will it get rid of all crime in our communities? No, but it will surely help make it better than what it is today!

We are not trying to say that we will be able to solve all our problems; we know that will not happen. Our task is to assist in making our communities better and healthier for our people to live in. We cannot get everyone out of our communities, why not make it so more Black people and businesses want to move into our communities?

 That’s our plan, join us!


CRP Department



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