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State Directors & Teams


                         Team Georgia


Dr. Vickie Benson - Operations State  Director


                               Knox Bates - Membership State Director                             




                          Team Michigan
Suzanne JarrettSuzanne Jarrett

                               Suzanne Jarrett - Operations State Director



Bio for Suzanne Jarrett

Suzanne Jarrett is a woman on a mission.

She is passionate about helping others succeed and feel truly alive. She is a proven leader and is the founder of Fearless Girl Boss a Financial Educator and Co-Founder of Women on Fire. She is a success and life coach, and the Collective Leader of FemCity Detroit.


Suzanne is committed to helping organizations and the people they serve through mentoring, coaching, creating mastermind groups and forming collaborative connections. She is also a contributing author to the Women Rising Anthology (Golden Brick Road) which will be out in the Spring of 2020.



                        Team Missouri                          

                Marie Antoinette Moore-Milton 
- Operations State Director          



Marie Antoinette has been in the Advertisement and Promotion business since 2007    with different agencies across the United States. She studied design and marketing at  Barclay College in St. Ann, Missouri in 1989. She also received three different training  certificates from the Department of Marketing and Design.


Ms. Moore-Milton has done marketing for Ufumbuzi Soulutions Group of Sierra Leon and is a part of the marketing team for their Tourism Committee.


Ms. Moore-Milton resides in St. Louis Missouri and loves working and meeting new people all over the world.


                     Team North Carolina                           Dr. Gail HayesDr. Gail Hayes

                               Dr. Gail Hayes - Operations State Director



Bio for Dr. Gail Hayes

When looking for an internationally recognized communicator who ignites the atmosphere with contagious enthusiasm and a passion for purpose, you have but to look directly at Dr. Gail Hayes. Dr. Gail is an award winning author, media personality, and accomplished speaker and trainer. She is also an Executive Leadership Coach and has been called an “Executive Whisperer” because of her unique ability to “untangle” challenging lines of communication. This gift has helped her to assist her clients to diffuse conflict and bring clarity in business and personal relationships.


Although she has lived and spoken on three continents, she is quick to let others know that her favorite place on earth is wherever she and her children (who are also her business partners) can laugh, love, and serve others. For more information on Dr. Gail, visit her website at


                         Team Tennessee

                               Tarrus Pointer
 - Operations State Director                             



                             Team Texas                           

                 Eloise Strauther
 - Operations State Director - (Temporary)