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State Directors & Teams


                        Team Georgia 

Dr. Vickie Benson - Operations State  Director



Knox Bates - Membership State Director









                        Team Missouri                          

           Marie Antoinette Moore-Milton 
- Operations State Director (New)          



   Marie Antoinette has been in the Advertisement and Promotion business since 2007     with different agencies across the United States. She studied design and marketing at   Barclay College in St. Ann, Missouri in 1989. She also received three different training   certificates from the Department of Marketing and Design.


Ms. Moore-Milton has done marketing for Ufumbuzi Soulutions Group of Sierra Leon and is a part of the marketing team for their Tourism Committee.


   Ms. Moore-Milton resides in St. Louis Missouri and loves working and meeting new people all over the world. 



                         Team Tennessee

                               Tarrus Pointer
 - Operations State Director                             






                             Team Texas                           

                 Eloise Strauther
 - Operations State Director - (Temporary)